How to Make Quick Coasters

Some ceramic tiles and a few finishing touches and you can create quick and stylish DIY coasters for your home (or as an affordable gift!).

Ceramic tiles come in a myriad of shapes and colors, so it’s easy to find some that complement your interior décor. Pick up some tiles from your local home center (the ones shown here were 45 cents each) and a pack of small bumpers.

tiles and bumpers for coasters

To add a little extra strength, I used glue to adhere the bumpers to the bottom of my tile coasters, but simply using the adhesive that comes on the bumpers would be fine, too.

glue bumpers to tile for coasters

glue bumpers to tiles for coasters

Finish adding bumpers to the bottom of all of the tiles and allow the glue to dry. Then the next time you sit down with a cold beverage, you’ll have a stack of coasters at the ready!

finish adding bumpers to all tiles

stack of tile coasters

quick tile coasters

Tip: Flooring samples also make great coasters (see below). They look neat and already have backing that won’t mark or scratch your tabletop—plus they’re free!

flooring sample coasters

— Jenny Stanley, Senior Digital Editor

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