How to Organize a Small Bedroom to Maximize Space

Here's our expert advice for decluttering your small bedroom space and keeping it organized.

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If you have a small bedroom and you’ve run out of ideas to keep it tidy and organized, don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve consulted organizing experts to get some great tips for how to organize a small bedroom and create the serene space you need to recharge.

Here are smart ways to fit more storage in your bedroom without making it feel too cramped.

Step One: Declutter

According to professional organizer and owner of Time to Organize Sara Pedersen, the first step to organizing a small bedroom is decluttering. Put away everything that is out of place, then take a fresh look at what’s left and pare down.

“Take stock of items you’re storing in your bedroom that could be stored elsewhere,” organizing expert and owner of simplify 101 Aby Garvey says. For example, photo albums or other keepsakes and clothing you’re holding onto for sentimental reasons or that’s seasonal could be stored in another area of your home, freeing up precious space in your small bedroom. Here are a few tips to help you organize your room in an hour.

Find Hidden Storage Space

Once you’ve decluttered, “look for open areas in your bedroom or closet, and brainstorm storage solutions that could transform these areas into additional storage space,” Garvey says. Do you have extra wall space for more shelves or space for a storage trunk at the end of your bed? If so, use it to your advantage.

Two jackpot bedroom storage spots: behind the door and under your bed. The door can hold hooks and vertical organizers for items such as shoes, scarves or jewelry, while under-the-bed space is great for off-season clothing storage, extra blankets and sentimental items.

“If your bed is low to the ground, purchase some inexpensive bed risers,” Pedersen says. Raising your bed allows under-bed plastic, cardboard or DIY storage drawers to slide in easily. You can hide the bed risers with a bed skirt or with your comforter.

Make Your Nightstands Work

According to professional organizer at Order. and author of Crush Your Clutter Mary Carlomagno, if you do need a little extra storage space, select a nightstand with drawers. A small three-drawer dresser makes your nightstand do double duty, gaining more space for bedside necessities and then some.

Max Out Your Closet

The more you can store in your closets, the less that has to be stored in your main bedroom area, making it feel more spacious. And contrary to what you may believe, it’s not impossible to eke more storage space out of your closet. Consider smart floor storage, double-hang bars, hooks on closet walls and more. These simple, inexpensive DIY closet storage updates will help, too.

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

A few tips beyond organization to help create the illusion of space:

Leave Room

Empty space is essential for making a small bedroom look bigger because it helps the room breathe a bit. Plus, one additional item won’t result in overflow—and therefore more space-hogging clutter.

Consider Light

Lighting makes a big difference in a small room as it immediately makes the room feel bigger,” Pedersen says. Add different types of light fixtures throughout the room, including ambient, task and accent lighting.

Hang Curtains 

A rule of thumb (from Architectural Digest) is that curtains should be hung between four to six inches above the window frame. When you hang the curtain rod high, the window appears taller, making your room look bigger than it actually is.

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