How to Organize Your Kitchen Measuring Cups

This project will free up room in your kitchen drawers.

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Saving Kitchen Space

Measuring cups are difficult to keep organized. Even when they stack together, they often tip over and come apart inside kitchen drawers. It wastes valuable drawer space.

The inside of a cabinet door offers tons of unused kitchen storage space. It’s the perfect size for narrow kitchen tools like knives, cutting boards or measuring cups. With this easy DIY storage rack, you can save kitchen space and keep drawers uncluttered. Here’s how to store measuring cups.

How To Organize Measuring Cups

Build a measuring cup hanger

  1. Cut a strip of wood.
  2. Pre-drill holes for mounting screws and cup hooks.
  3. Screw in the cup hooks.
  4. Start the mounting screws.

Install a measuring cup hanger

  1. Pre-drill holes for your mounting screws.
  2. Screw the wood strip to the inside of the cabinet door.
  3. Hang the measuring cups.

We installed two hanging racks in this cabinet, one for measuring cups and another for measuring spoons. The racks keep everything organized in the same spot.

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