How to Retrieve Items Dropped Down Drains

Here is a simple way you can once again be reunited with what you thought was never to be found again.

HH retrieve items dropped down drain with magnet and string

A Simple DIY Hack to Retrieve Items Dropped Down Drains

Small and sometimes expensive items are easily washed down the sink drain. And if the item you dropped down the drain is metal like a dry wall screw or washer, a simple magnet might be just what you need to retrieve the item.

Try attaching a magnet that is small enough to fit down your drain on the end of a long string or small, flexible rod that will also fit down your drain. Lower the magnet and slowly pull it back up in order to ensure you don’t drop the item once again. If you’re still without your favorite piece of jewelry, try a stronger rare earth magnet and see if that does the trick.

Of course, many pieces of jewelry are made of silver or gold and won’t be attracted to a magnet. If that’s the case, try other methods. Check out our guide for how to unclog sink drains.

HH sink screw magnet string retriever

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