If You Have This Smoke Detector, Replace It Immediately

500,000 have already been recalled!


Due to a small manufacturing problem, Kidde has recalled 500,000 dual-sensor smoke detectors in Canada and the United States. This malfunctioning problem can actually compromise the detectors ability to sense smoke.

If you have either of the recalled models—Kidde PI2010 and Kidde PI9010—you are going to want to get those replaced. Kidde already recalled 500,000 detectors, and are looking to spread the word since it is a matter of people’s safety.

The malfunctioning error has to do with a mishap during manufacturing for the products. A small yellow cap was actually left on the detector, which could cover one of the two sensors available in this smoke detector.

Courtesy of Kidde

Not sure if you have one of these models? Kidde put together a guide for Canada and United States customers to check their detectors. They do so by showing you what the models look like, and what to look for in the fine print on the back of your smoke detector. It will also show you which yellow cap to look for inside your detector. If you see it, then you should probably send it in.

To send it in, you need to register on Kidde’s website or give them a direct call. They will tell you next steps on how to replace it, which they will send you a replacement completely for free.

This isn’t the first major recall that Kidde has experienced recently. In November 2017, Kidde recalled over 40 million fire extinguishers due to a clogging or failed discharge.

Was your smoke detector not affected? Well, it’s probably a good time to check that detector anyways. Here are some of our smoke alarm maintenance tips and life-saving safety tips for you to consider.

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