Kreg Mobile Project Center

The Kreg Mobile Project Center is much more than a souped-up sawhorse.

The Kreg Mobile Project Center functions as a workbench, a sawhorse, and a clamping station. As a workbench it has a beefy 350-lb. capacity, perfect for a miter saw, planer, or small table saw. More than one can be connected directly to one another, or 2x4s can be stretched between two units and plywood placed between to create a huge work surface.

The wings are easy to fold down to convert the Mobile Project Center into a sawhorse that can support 1100-lbs. A sacrificial board can be easily added to the top for protection.

As a clamping station, it comes with an auto-adjusting clamp that fits into the track at the center of the works surface. The clamp can also be attached to the ends of the table, and in conjunction with the bench dogs (4 included), be used to clamp the sides of a board or project leaving the surface free to be worked on.

Not to sound like a television infomercial, but there really is “So much more,” like the grippy feet that prevents the project center from sliding, and the recessed trays to hold your hardware, and the drill holder holes/holsters to hold your drills, and the recess on the perimeter that hold Kreg brand boxes of screws. Expect to pay $159 for a Kreg Mobile Project Center. That’s kinda spendy, but this really is a professional-grade, solid feeling tool that’s cram-packed with features.

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