Give Lego Bricks New Life With Lego Replay

Find out how to donate your used LEGO bricks to kids in need with LEGO Replay.

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With billions of LEGO bricks manufactured each year, from a company founded 80 years ago, chances are you own a set or two of the beloved interlocking construction toys. Perhaps your childhood LEGO bricks are now mixed with your child’s Marvel or Harry Potter sets, creating a box of multi-generational building blocks that has been sparking creativity for years and years. But, when those bricks are no longer played with, you can donate them to a great cause, with minimal effort through LEGO Replay.

What Is LEGO Replay?

LEGO Replay is a new program that allows you to box up your unused LEGO bricks and give them to kids in need. To make this happen, LEGO has teamed up with Give Back Box, an organization that connects retailers and charities. Give Back Box sorts and cleans all the LEGO bricks they receive, and then packs them up to be given to kids served by Teach for America or the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston.

How to Donate Your LEGO Bricks

Ready to pass on some LEGO bricks? Here’s how it works.:Gather up all of the LEGO bricks you want to donate. Note that anything goes—big ones, little ones, sets with missing pieces (yes, even that Batman figurine that’s missing his head, but try not to include any pieces that are damaged and no longer click into place. Put all the bricks into a box and tape it up to ship. Then, print out a free shipping label at Schedule a FedEx pickup or drop the box off at any FedEx site.

Why Maker Toys Are Important

In a time of screens, screens and more screens, toys that foster creativity are more important than ever. When a toddler uses blocks like LEGO Duplo bricks to build something as simple as a tower, they develop problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination ( And, according to a study by from the American Academy of Pediatrics, building toys also help improve language development, particularly with low-income children. The power of play can change a child’s life and your LEGO bricks can contribute through LEGO Replay.

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