The Lixada Blocklight Is a Small Flashlight with Lots of Power

Let there be light with you everywhere you go with these super-compact and affordable Family Handyman approved flashlights.

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These days, you don’t have to carry around one of those heavy lights filled archaic D batteries to have a strong flashlight in your possession. On a recent camping trip, a friend opened my eyes to the Lixada Blocklite, a bright, inexpensive, and ultra-compact flashlight. After returning from that trip, I promptly ordered a few to test for myself.

What Is the Lixada Blocklight?

The ultra-tiny Lixada Blocklite is an LED light block that snaps securely onto any common nine-volt battery. Using the battery as its power source, the Lixada Blocklite has two different brightness settings all controlled by a single toggling switch. The tiny flashlight is super compact and lightweight, weighing 1.8 ounces and measuring under 3 inches with the battery attached.

How We Tested It

The four-pack of Blocklite’s arrived in my mailbox over a month ago, and since then we have been inseparable. The best way to test a flashlight is to use it in as many scenarios as possible. I’ve had one in my pocket at all times, bringing it fishing, golfing, mountain biking, and to check out ill-kept, project motorcycles on Craigslist. The other few I tucked away in places I’ll use them down the road, like my fly-fishing pack, the center counsel of my truck, and the toolbox I lug around to do odd jobs for friends or family.

Performance Review

From navigating the narrow-beaten path after a moonless night fishing in the creek to peering into the depths of a 40-year-old motorcycles gas tank, this light has been a lifesaver on multiple occasions.

Toggle the switch to the left and all six LEDs illuminate a bright clear light. It’s great for pitch black conditions like finding those all-important car keys you dropped while sitting around the campfire. Toggle it to the right and only two LEDs light up, which is better for when just a little more would be helpful.

The only concern I have is that I’ll hide one away, and find it years later, neglected and with a leaking battery. But for only a few bucks a piece, that’s not a big price to pay to know you’ll have light when you need it.

I’ve become fond of these little lights. These are no million lumen, high-tech, space age lights. Just a compact, affordable, interesting little flashlight that puts out plenty of light for any day-to-day purpose.

Why You Should Buy This

The Lixada Blocklite is convenient and useful. It’s compact stature, neat design and budget friendly price have me tucking these things away and every tool and tackle box, backpack, and vehicle compartment I can find- for the next time I need a little extra light in my life.

Where to Buy

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The Lixada Blocklite is available on Amazon.

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