Low-Tech Dado Cuts

Sometimes it's not worth the time to change to a dado blade for a cut. Check out a quick and easy solution.

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Low-Tech Dado Cuts

You don’t need an expensive dado blade for every project, just your average 1/8-in. kerf blade. Even if you do have a dado blade, it’s not always worth the time to change the blade for a couple of cuts. Cut some 1/8-in. hardboard strips. Clamp the strips to your fence as shown, one strip for each additional 1/8 in. of dado width.

Make a test cut. Set the fence width and blade height, make a cut, remove one strip, then make another cut. You’ll take off 1/8 in. on each pass. A 3/8-in. dado will require two strips, a 1/2-in. dado takes three, and so on.

Caution: Blade guard must be removed for this operation. 

Now go check out this flip-up, flip-down dado jig for your next project.

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