Marvin Windows Gives All Employees A Paid Week Off

One of the biggest window manufacturers in the country is shutting down operations for a week to give its employees some time off.

It has been a long couple of years for window manufacturers. Since 2020, demand for housing has been consistently high while the pandemic has caused a myriad of supply chain issues. This created an environment where building materials like garage doors and windows have been highly sought after and difficult to produce.

With that in mind, Marvin Windows decided to give its employees a break. The company recently announced it will give workers one week of paid time off at the end of December. According to the announcement, this “Better Living Week” will allow employees “to recharge and engage in personal wellness during a year in which orders continue to be at record highs.” It covers all employees in all locations.

“Creating better ways of living starts with our employees,” said Paul Marvin, CEO of Marvin Windows. “The thing employees consistently say they need is more paid time off to engage with their lives outside of work and additional support with their physical, mental and financial well-being during a time when we’re working harder than ever.”

Residential windows have been in particularly high demand, and constraints in the glass, resin and vinyl industries have made it difficult for manufacturers to keep up. According to a nationwide survey published in October 2021, more than 60 percent of homebuilders say windows were their biggest material shortage.

“Window manufacturing — even in the most automated facilities — is very labor intensive, which makes the industry even more susceptible to labor shortages and COVID-19 precaution challenges and breakouts,” the report says. “Most window manufacturing facilities rely more on labor and less on capital than other building material manufacturers.”

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