Milwaukee Pipeline Starts This Week — Are You Registered?

Milwaukee Tool is opening its new product unveilings to the public and moving them online. Learn more here.

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

Over the last decade, Milwaukee Tool has made a tradition of hosting an annual event to reveal new tools and products they plan to release in the coming months. But when COVID-19 made in-person gatherings impractical and unsafe, the tool company had to find another way to announce new product lines.

Enter Milwaukee Pipeline, a series of online events to showcase tools and gear Milwaukee has coming out for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. Pipeline will break it down into four “episodes,” the first streaming live on August 20th at 5 p.m. Central time. The rest will be staggered over the next three months.

The other big change involves who is being let inside. Typically, these events have been closed off to everyone but media and influencers. But Pipeline is open to the public, and free. To score a front-row seat from your couch, register here.

The 4 Milwaukee Pipeline Episodes (all begin at 5 p.m. CT)

Episode One (August 20th): M18 and MXFuel

“Our M12™, M18™ and MX FUEL™ cordless power tool and equipment systems are growing! Learn about the newest products in our rapidly growing collection as well as the accessories that pair with them to provide the very best performance and durability.”

Episode Two (September 10th): The PACKOUT System

“Our PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System has revolutionized tool, accessory and equipment storage on the jobsite. Be the first to experience the expansion of our PACKOUT™ system as well as our expansion into a new product category for Milwaukee Tool!”

Episode Three (October 15th): Trade-Focused Products

“Our users inspire us to create the very best solutions for their needs. Learn about the newest trade-focused and application-driven products inspired by our end-user’s jobsite needs. Experience innovation in our rapidly growing M12™, M18™ and MX FUEL™ Systems, as well as our new hand tool and accessory solutions.”

Episode Four (November 12th): PPE and Lighting Systems

“Milwaukee Tool has made exciting strides in jobsite PPE and lighting systems. Find out more about how our safety and lighting systems will keep you safe and productive with our newest personal protective equipment and cordless jobsite lighting solutions.”

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