Join Miters Easily With this Miter Joint Clamp

Make these amazing miter joint clamps now so that you have them the next time someone needs a frame.

What is a Miter Joint Clamp?

Clamping up four mitered corners is tricky. You can buy specialty clamps for this, but you can also make your own A miter joint clamp can help you to clamp together notoriously difficult mitered joints. Mitered joints can come from picture frames or any other instances where you’re trying to join together two pieces of wood cut at 45 degree angles.

How to Build Your Own Miter Joint Clamp

Start with a long 1×4, and cut it down to a shorter block section. Mark out the center of the blocks, and then drill a 1-in. diameter hole in the center of each one. The hole prevents the blocks from getting glued to your project. Cut 45-degree angles tangent to the hole, and then cut the blocks free from the long board.

Miter Joint Clamp Drill

Miter Joint Clamp Jigsaw

How to Glue the Miter Joints

  • Evenly spread wood glue across both sections of your mitered joint.
  • Place the miter joint clamp with the larger side on the outside of the join and the smaller side on the inside of the joint.
  • Squeeze them together with a ratcheting bar clamp or a C-clamp.
  • Wait until the glue dries.
  • Remove the clamps.

Miter Joint Clamp

Use it Over and Over Again

Make sure you don’t get glue on your joint clamp and you should be able to use it on many different projects.

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