Never Use This One Cleaning Product on Your Granite Countertops

It's a great product, but not for your granite!

Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

When it comes to giving your countertops a quick clean, there are quite a few cleaning solutions to choose from. Probably one of the easiest items to use are wipes—which are particularly popular for brands such as Clorox or Lysol. Sure, they are convenient, but you should keep them far away from your granite countertops.

Although these wipes rarely have any bleach in them, they do typically use citric acid to help clean up the soap scum. They are highly effective when it comes to cleaning up a grubby counter, but they aren’t doing your granite countertops any favors.

Learn how to clean granite countertops the right way.

Granite countertops are usually topped with a sealant to keep them polished and to prevent stains. The stone sealer is easy to apply (here’s how to install granite countertops), but it can easily be destroyed with the constant use of highly acidic products. Apparently, the best way to clean granite countertops is using hot water and dish soap.

Technically, these wipes are meant to disinfect surfaces, not just wipe them down. To get the most out of your disinfecting wipes, you need to let the surface stay wet from the wipe until fully dry on its own. It should take up to four minutes for the disinfecting to become complete, according to Apartment Therapy.

So next time you go to clean your counters, it would be wise to stay away from your trusty wipes. As for your other surfaces, these 100 essential cleaning hacks will speed up your home cleaning process for good.

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