This New Camper Expands to 3X Its Size in Less Than a Minute

Discover how this innovative camper combines the convenience of a collapsible camper with the comforts of a full-sized trailer.

Despite decades of technological innovation in the motor vehicle industry, the fundamental design and features of pull-behind campers haven’t changed much. The two notable exceptions: Popup campers that were compact and easy to transport but lacked the household amenities or weather protection of full-size campers; and slide-out campers that just added a few more feet of living space.

Then the French company BeauEr introduced its line of expandable campers. These combined the convenience and portability of a popup camper with comforting amenities, weather protection and living space of a conventional camper.

What Is the BeauEr Camper?

Although it resembles a conventional pull-behind camper, the BeauEr camper’s deceivingly small body houses two separate and equally sized modules nested around the central space. Each module expands in opposite directions to triple the camper’s size. Even more impressively, this is all accomplished by simply turning a key. It only takes about 20 seconds to expand to its full size.

This camper is only about six feet wide when fully collapsed, so it can be easily towed with a wide range of vehicles to areas otherwise inaccessible to larger trailers. It comes with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dining area, all designed to fit around each other when the camper is in its collapsed configuration. The retro design features, inspired by 1960s campers, further contribute to its appeal.

What Are the Dimensions of the Camper?

Great question! BeauEr originally introduced their 3x model to the European markets in 2015, and has since introduced the smaller 2X and larger 3X+ models to the lineup.

  • The 3X starts at roughly six feet wide by nine feet long when fully collapsed. It expands to a width of 15 feet, offering close to 130 square feet of living space to accommodate a family of four.
  • The 3X+ is initially six feet wide and 20 feet long. It expands to a width of 15 feet to produce 300 square feet of living space to accommodate a family of six.
  • The 2X has almost identical dimensions as the 3X when closed, but only has one telescoping unit that expands to a width of 10-1/2-ft. That creates about 90 square feet of living space for two people.

How Much Do the Campers Cost?

  • 3X: The standard model starts at around $30,000 and can cost up to $50,000 with upgraded features.
  • 3X: Starts at around $60,000 and can cost up to $80,000 with upgraded features.
  • 2X: Starts at around $23,000 and can cost up to $40,000 with upgraded features.

The standard models will have a kitchen with a refrigerator and gas burners, a bed, a dining area, a small bathroom with a toilet cassette (a small, free-standing, self-contained toilet with a detachable waste tank) and various storage spaces. The 3X+ model also features a shower and a second bedroom. Some of the upgraded features include a heater and air conditioner, water heater, solar panels, awnings and more.

Where Can I Buy One?

The BeauEr campers are available in Canada, Europe, China and Korea, but not the U.S. “I am currently looking for an American partner to import BeauEr caravans,” founder Eric Beau says. “We have received thousands of inquiries from Americans wanting to purchase our products, so we are looking forward to coming to your country.”

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