Occidental Leather 4 Pocket Tool Holder

Learn more about this tool pouch and why Mark and Josh both really like it.

If you are unfamiliar with Occidental Leather, they’re a manufacturer of high-end, handmade, leather and nylon tool pouches and bags. They’re a jobsite favorite amongst pros in the trades. This little guy is not going to hold all the tools you need to build a house, but it’s perfect for keeping track of those tools that get used (and misplaced) often like a utility knife, pencil, screwdriver, and tape measure.

It’s perfect for working on a woodworking project in the garage, a furnace repair in the basement, or a minor fence repair outside. It hooks right on your pants or belt, so it’s easy to put on and remove. This one is vinyl, and has a leather logo attached to the front, which helps keep the tape measure pocket from collapsing. Some Occidental’ Leather pouches are priced north of $300, but his handy 4 Pocket Tool Holder (8505) can be had for $23 online.

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