People Are Freaking Out About She Sheds: Here’s Why You Should Build One

Time to give that backyard shed an upgrade!

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Men have always had their caves, but what about the women?

Thanks to this growing trend, women finally have their very own sanctuary that honestly rivals the man cave. Instead of having a basement sanctuary, women have their very own building: The shed.

That’s right, “she sheds” are becoming quite popular among the DIY community, especially over on Pinterest. With this wave of tiny houses and living spaces exploding across the world, it’s only natural to find a project such as this. A very own place for the woman of the house to have the sanctuary that she deserves.

She sheds can be used for dozens of different reasons. An office space for her at-home business? An art studio? A place to write for the aspiring novelist or journalist? A gardening studio? Maybe just a place for meditation and yoga? She sheds are great for all of these purposes and much more.

Here’s what to do: If you have a shed you aren’t using, turn it into something special just for her. Gut it out and set up the space for her creative (or relaxing) needs. You can even decorate the outside with a new coat of paint, a stone pathway, or even a small deck for outside reflection.

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If you plan on making a she shed, one particular trend to focus on is the large windows around the shed. It brings in natural sunlight and makes that damp shed feel light and airy—the perfect environment for your loved one’s new sanctuary.

Don’t have a shed in your backyard? Why not build one yourself! You can build a shed on the cheap with some easy materials. Just follow these DIY shed building tips when you embark on this new project.

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