Putting Off This Task Could Make Your Home Unhealthy

Putting of dusting can make your home unhealthy

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We worry about a lot of things when we think about potential health risks, but the one thing we often forget about is dust.

Although it may seem low on the list of health risks, depending on the duration of exposure and the concentration levels of dust you and your family are experiencing, dust can lead to issues such as difficulty breathing, irritation, asthma attacks and hay fever. If you’re like most people, dust is everywhere in your house, particularly with kids running in and out, open windows in nice weather, and if there is any construction or farming going on in the area, you’re even more likely to have dust in your house. Dusting is a task you don’t want to put off for too long, if you’re trying to keep a healthy home.

Clean Up the Dust You Have in Your Home

Dust is grosser than you think! It can contain dead skin, pet dander and chemicals in addition to fibers, pollen, hair and other airborn particles. The first step in the fight against dust is to get down to cleaning (particularly in areas that don’t get much attention). These cleaning tips specifically help you get dust out of your home.

Keep Dust at Bay

What’s insidious about dust is that you can wipe it up daily and still have a fine layer in at least one area of your house at any given time. Follow these tips to get rid of dust and keep it away.

Dust Mites are Real (and yes, you do you do have them in your house!)

Just the thought of mites living in your bedding is enough to make most of us cringe. Although they’re not dangerous in terms of biting and spreading diseases, they do contribute to the dust in your home, and that dust can make you sick. Learn more about getting rid of dust mites.

Make it a Family Project

If you present dusting (cleaning in general, really) as just a chore that needs to be tackled, you’ll probably have trouble getting the whole family on board. Instead, explain that dust is unhealthy and that’s why it matters that everyone contributes to keeping dust in check.

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