Make Painting Easier With the 2-Edge Putty Knife

A five-way putty knife is a useful multi-tasking tool, but add a utility blade on the other end and you've got an exceptional new painting tool.

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Everything About Putty Knives

The 2-edge putty knife is a putty and utility knife rolled into one. This genius little combo knife is a big help for the professional contractor, home-improvement buff and weekend crafter alike.

Chances are you have one or more standard putty knives in your toolbox. Putty knives are used to apply putty or surfacing compound into cracks and nail holes, patch divots with wood filler, and spread drywall mud into drywall joints and seams. Putty knives come in a variety of sizes. They often feature a carbon steel blade strong enough to function as a scraper, paint can opener, gouger and, in a pinch, a screwdriver.

What Is the 2-Edge Putty Knife?

A hybrid of a five-way putty knife and a utility blade, the 2-edge putty knife does more than double duty. It is designed with one end resembling a five-in-one putty knife and the other containing a pop-up razor for cutting and scoring material. (Standard five-way putty knives are constructed as one solid piece. Most come with ergonomic handles and cushioned grips to help avoid slippage and hand fatigue.)

How to Use a 2-Edge Putty Knife

This incredibly low-tech and versatile tool has many uses around the house or at a construction site. Flip up the utility blade for tasks such as opening cardboard boxes, then simply fold the blade down in a Swiss Army-like fashion when you’re done. To clean excess paint off rollers, deploy the putty knife’s half-moon cutout or pry lids off cans with the corner of the flat end. The possibilities are endless!

The Pros and Cons of the 2-Edge Putty Knife

Besides being a multi-tool, the plusses of the 2-edge putty knife are its slim profile, light weight, built-in utility blade and ergonomic construction. As for the downsides: It’s bulkier than any of the tools alone, of course, and the blade-release button presented headaches for some users. Note, too, that some models do not come with replaceable blade capability.

Cost and Where to Purchase a 2-Edge Putty Knife

The ZorrCorpo 2-Edge Knife ($18) features a nifty clip to attached to your belt, or it can be slipped into your pocket and easily retrieved via the quick-finger loop. You can buy it on Amazon and at select painting and home improvement retailers.

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