Quick Way to Stir Paint

This simple tool makes things easy.

If you’ve ever tried stirring paint or stain that’s been sitting in your garage for several months, you know what a time consuming pain in the butt it is. The Squirrel Mixer from Homax makes the job go a lot faster. It attaches to your drill so you can stir the paint quickly—it’ll be ready in just a couple minutes.

The Mixer isn’t for new paint (the store will mix it for you), but it’s a real time saver for the old stuff that’s hard at the bottom of the can and watery on top. You can also use the Mixer for mixing joint compound (you don’t want to do that by hand either!). I bought mine at a Benjamin Moore paint store for $9. You can also buy it at Amazon.com or on the company’s Web site. A larger Mixer, for stirring in 5-gal. buckets, costs $16.

Homax (800) 729-9029. Squirrelmixer.com

–Brett Martin, associate editor

Homax Squirrel Mixer paint mixerHomax Squirrel Mixer drill paint mixer

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