Quicker Hole Sawing

Make hole sawing much easier with this genius reader tip.

Family Handyman

If you’ve ever had to drill holes through joists over your head, you know it’s grueling. So I decided to try this tip from Gus Dube. He suggests rubbing wax on hole saws to make them cut faster with less burning. I drilled two holes, one with and one without wax, and timed each method. Then I tried another tip we ran awhile back: drilling 3/4-in. holes just inside the circle to act as ports to let the sawdust escape so it wouldn’t clog the teeth and overheat the hole saw. Finally, I drilled holes using both the ports and the wax. Here are the results: Plain old hole: 55 seconds With sawdust ports: 23 seconds With wax: 58 seconds With sawdust ports and wax: 22 seconds So, sorry, Gus, the wax just seems to gum things up. The ports are the key. And yeah, I know, it takes time to drill ports. But that’s time you won’t spend muscling a hole saw through a joist over your head. Score the hole first so you can place the ports right at the perimeter. — Travis Larson

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