Reader Project: Elevated Vegetable Garden Planter

One reader says of her elevated vegetable garden planter: the vegetables love it and so does she; the squirrels and weeds don’t.

Jan Ryan loves garden-fresh vegetables more than she loves working on her hands and knees. So she built a 4 x 8-ft. “planting table” for stand-up gardening. It’s basically a 12-in.-deep cedar box on 4×4 legs. The sturdy floor is framed with 4x4s and covered with cedar boards. The box is lined with landscape fabric, and 1/4-in. gaps between the floorboards allow drainage. Jan’s planter has performed perfectly for two seasons, and she plans to build a duplicate this spring.

“The vegetables love it and so do I. The squirrels and weeds don’t.” — Jan Ryan

Raised garden planter boxPhoto: Courtesy of Jan Ryan

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