Reader Project: Garage Doors in Disguise

Joe Hawkins’ garage doors are designed to look old fashioned.

Joe Hawkins’ garage doors are designed to deceive. They look like they’re from a 100-year-old carriage house, but Joe built them himself a couple of years ago. They look like old-fashioned swing-open doors, but they roll up just like standard overhead doors (the hinges, handles and hasps are just part of the disguise). They look expensive and difficult, but Joe tells us he spent about $1,000 and construction was simple. Each panel is a 1×4 frame covered with plywood. The plywood is covered with cedar boards followed by the decorative exterior framework.

“It’s a pretty simple project. And they didn’t cost any more than standard doors.” says Joe Hawkins.

Carriage house garage doorsPhoto: Courtesy of Joe Hawkins

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