Reader Project: Handy Mom Bedroom Makeover

When Bonnie Pavlasky set out to redo her daughter’s room, her plans were not very ambitious. But on a small budget, she managed a big makeover…

When Bonnie Pavlasky set out to redo her daughter’s room for her birthday, her plans were not very ambitious. “I was simply going to paint over the ‘little girl’ pink with a more grown-up color and redo the trim, along with investing in new bedding. However, once I got in there and started moving things to paint, I realized what sorry shape the furniture was in, and how little space she had to display her treasures. Her old white dresser was literally falling apart, and the old three-legged vanity table she used as a nightstand kept tipping over. Plus the metal bed frame just looked unfinished without a headboard.”

“On a shoestring budget, I only had funds to buy a new dresser, so I took apart the old one, cut the drawer faces in half lengthwise, and made wall-mounted shelves from them. A discarded file drawer from our old office desk became the new nightstand, with the refinished top of the old vanity table for the tabletop. I covered an old broken hollow-core door with batting and fabric to make a headboard, and voila! My daughter now has a more teenage-appropriate room that looks and feels completely new, without breaking the bank. I even made new throw pillows with the extra fabric from the headboard (filling them with the stuffing from past-their prime bed pillows, of course) and I look like the super-cool handy mom.” — Bonnie

handy mom bedroom makeover

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