Reader Project: Stone Shed

Tim Caudill added a twist to the Streamlined Garden Shed from the July/Aug ’08 issue of Family Handyman, and created a unique DIY addition to his backyard.

Tim Caudill added a twist to our “Streamlined Garden Shed” (July/Aug. ’08). Instead of installing siding, he covered it with 2-1/2 tons of natural stone veneer. That was a huge, backbreaking job, but Tim’s shed now has a maintenance-free exterior that will look good for a century. He also fully insulated the structure and installed an attic fan.  So even on the hottest Virginia afternoons, the shed stays comfortable.

“I figured this is the only shed I’ll ever build. So I didn’t scrimp on time or money.” – Tim Caudill

The Family Handyman garden shed with stone veneer

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