Miter saw table from recycled bifold doors

Here's how to make a quick miter saw stand using old hollow-core bifold doors.

You can usually find old bifold doors free from someone you know who’s remodeling or along the street if you have a city cleanup day. Or you can ask at the lumberyard to see if it has any that are damaged. Hollow-core doors work great because they’re strong and lightweight.

Miter box stand

You can see from the photo that the stand is easy to make. The key is to rip spacers that are just the right width to position the top door exactly even with the miter saw bed. Then you just stack the parts and screw or bolt them together. Make sure the screws or bolts are near the edges of the doors where there’s solid wood. For easier storage, drill 1/4-in. holes through both doors and the spacers and use carriage bolts and wing nuts to hold everything together. Then you can take it apart easily for storage and transport.
This miter saw stand isn’t perfect. Only one side of the miter saw has an outfeed table. But it’s a good solution if you don’t have time or feel like hassling with building a more elaborate miter stand. When you do find time to build a stronger, more versatile miter saw table, here’s a plan: How to Build a Miter Saw Table

— Jeff Gorton, Associate Editor

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