The Best Reddit Home Improvement Tips

Reddit users frequently seek home improvement advice from each other. And while we haven't tested these tips, but we can't deny their cleverness.

Have you ever faced a home repair that feels impossible to fix? You might consider calling in the experts or replacing what’s broken, but both can be costly. Thankfully, Reddit is full of helpful hacks, like these impressive home improvement tips that will save you cash and put your DIY skills to good use.

1. Balloon Backer for Drywall Repairs

“Use a balloon to help with drywall repairs. Blow it up so it gives some resistance while you mud and tape the patch in. Eventually it will deflate and harmlessly fall in to the wall,” suggests a Reddit user.

Another user takes this home improvement tip further, saying, “Blow up the balloon. Stuff it in the hole. Put your drywall tape over the hole containing said balloon. Put your mud on, let it dry, sand, prime, paint.”

2. Use Ball Valves and Flexi Pipe for Plumbing

Ball valves and flexi pipes on all plumbing. Allows for minor alignment issues and means you can isolate each sink, cistern, washing machine, dishwasher individually and still leave the rest functional,” says a Reddit user.

3. Repair Door Screw With Toothpicks

“If a door screw is stripped and the wood isn’t quite up to taking another screw, stuff toothpicks or a dowel and wood glue in there and let it set and then put in a new screw,” says a Reddit user.

4. Compressed Air for Cleaning Dryer Vent

“So I have always hated cleaning my dryer vent and because of that it gets put off until ‘later,’ ” begins a Reddit user. “The stupid snake/brush things always get stuck and it takes forever so I decided to try compressed air. I started by moving the dryer and disconnecting the vent. Then I ran my air hose from the garage into the laundry room, wrapped a towel around the air nozzle and shoved it in the vent to create a tight seal.

“Then I hit it with the air and blew the pipe out. This blew it out cleaner than a professional vent cleaning. About a 5 gallon bucket of lint went shooting out all over my overly inquisitive dog who now looks like a sheep made of lint. So next time I’m going to make sure the dogs are inside. Quick 5-min cleanup with a shop vac outside and the whole thing took 10 minutes.”

5. Reinforce a Deadbolt With a Wrench Socket

“So a while back, I got it into my head that I was going to reinforce the lock work on my front door,” says a Reddit user. “I had picked up a Schlage ANSI Grade I, a wrap-around door reinforcer, and an extended strike plate (10 in. long, four 3 in. long heavy screws on the forward side all the way into the studs). At the last minute, I decided that I actually wanted a box strike, but I already had the other strike plate, didn’t want to wait for one to be delivered, and most of the box strikes have a short plate anyway.

“As I was pawing through my tool box, I thought, ‘What I really need is just a heavy, hardened steel tube that will fit under the extended strike plate and can be bolted to the stud.’ Suddenly I realized I was staring at a bunch of them, in handy increasing incremented sizes: wrench sockets!

“I didn’t want to sacrifice one of my good ones, so I ended up picking up a 22-mil socket from the ‘Assorted’ bin at the local pawn shop for 50 cents. I used a hole saw to drill a slightly oversized hole directly beneath my new strike plate, and lag bolted the socket flush through both studs. The strike plate even has a little extension that mechanically locks the two together. That thing is now as solid as a bank vault.”

6. DIY Pull-Out Pot and Pan Organizers

One Reddit user asked the community for home improvement tips for pull-out pot and pan organizers. “Put a pull out wire shelf (two actually) and nest (stack) the pans together,” recommends a user. “I used the Rev-A-Shelf wire racks that are extremely heavy and glide nicely. I converted the drawer front to attach to the bottom drawer, that way I had the whole opening and wasn’t limited to the 12 in. or so from the door interfering with the pull out shelves. Rev-A-Shelf has a bracket kit to mount the door to the wire shelf. It isn’t perfect, but a heck of a lot better than a open hole that was there before. You can at least see what you want, and not pull every pot out of the cabinet to find the one I need.”

7. Remove Adhesive from a Plastic Shower Floor Using a Heat Gun or Hairdryer

One user asked Reddit, “How can I safely remove adhesive from a plastic shower floor? Vinegar soaks are taking too long.”

A user suggests using a heat gun on low or a hair dryer on high. “Start in a corner. Blow the heat on the edge as you peel it off. Only leave the heat on the sticker long enough to warm it up and make it pliable.”

8. Fix Cracks in Tile Using Color Matched Caulk

A Reddit user asked the community if there is a cheap way to fix cracks in tile without having to replace the whole tile. “Caulk would probably be the best bet short of replacing the tile,” begins a user. “Problem is, you start getting into replacing tile and even if it’s still manufactured the color changes are going to show you replaced the tile. Color looks like an off white so there are color matched caulks out there. Try a tile/flooring supply store if you can’t find it at a local home store. Apply it by wiping it into the crack and then you can get extra off with a single edge razor blade.”

9. Fix a Squeaky Shower Handle By Turning it Clockwise

“Shower handle squeaks LOUD. Can’t figure out how to remove or fix it, help!” lamented a Reddit user.

One person suggested turning “the fat part right behind the handle counter clockwise” and then holding the handle in the off position.

“Seemed too simple to be true, but yup, that did the trick, thanks,” said the Reddit user asking for help.

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