Stuff We Love: Scotts Wizz Cordless Spreader

You'll love this cordless seed spreader.

Last summer, editor Mark Peterson couldn’t find his spreader. (He’s pretty sure he lent his old one to someone who never returned it). But his loss turned out to be a good thing because he stumbled across Scotts spreader called the Wizz. Instead of a hand crank, it runs on 4 AA batteries, so there’s not another charger to keep track of for a tool that doesn’t get used all the time. In fact, he’s filled his at least twenty times and is still on the same batteries it came with.

It works great at spreading seed, week killer, fertilizer and even ice melt, and it has a little sliding shield called an EDGEGUARD that causes the product your spreading to be broadcasted only straight forward and too the right, which is perfect when working next to the driveway, sidewalks, etc.

The one handed operation is the biggest benefit. On windy days you can hold the spreader close to the ground to avoid nasty chemicals being blown back in your face, and you don’t have to bend completely over like you probably did with your old spreader. And sometimes, when you’re working a ways from the house, you can use your free hand to bring extra seed along in a small bucket. This eliminates half the trips back to the seed bag for refills. Scotts Wizz spreader is available at many home centers and hardware stores.

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