Shur-Line Paint Can Lid

This inexpensive flexible paint can lid from Shur-line makes storing open cans of paint a breeze!

Who wouldn’t love an inexpensive product that can make every painting job cleaner, faster and less frustrating? This Paint Can Lid from Shur-line has a spout, so there’s no spilling or splashing when pouring paint into a roller pan, and the paint doesn’t ooze out all over the front of the can. And never again will you chase paint in circles with a rag around the top of a can trying to clean out the rim—hallelujah!

The spout folds down, so you can still stack cans, and it’s made out of a material that latex paint won’t stick to, so any drops or runs just peel right off. But if you throw out the metal lid, make sure you transfer the paint color information to the can. The Shur-line paint can lid costs just a few bucks at home centers.

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