Stihl Battery-Powered Chain Saw

This premium-priced chain saw is a pleasure to use.

This Stihl cordless saw is a joy to operate. The controls are intuitive; it has one of the best tool-less chain tensioner on the market, and it just feels great in your hands. It comes fitted with a unique thin kerf ¼-pitch chain, and it has a fast chain speed. It also has one of the best runtimes of any battery-powered saws on the market.

Because of the thin, fast spinning chain this saw cuts brush and small limbs like butter and is perfect for trimming off the branches on felled trees. In fact, it leaves such a clean cut, it would be a great choice for pruning trees as well. The only downside is the cost. The Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ will set you back $540 for the saw and battery, or $350 for just the saw. But that’s the price for the best battery-powered saw on the market for cutting wood with a diameter of 8-in. or less.

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