Store and Label Fasteners with Foam

When disassembling furniture, thread the fasteners into a piece of rigid foam to keep them organized. Write labels so you know where they belong.


When disassembling a piece of furniture that needs to be repaired or moved, thread the screws and nails into a piece of rigid foam. Group similar fasteners together or arrange them however it will be most helpful when piecing the furniture back together. You can also write on the foam with a pen or marker to label the fasteners or to make notes that will be helpful when reassembling the piece at a later time.

Don’t have a chunk of rigid foam handy? Reach into your recycling bin and tear off a piece of corrugated cardboard from a box instead. You can thread screws through the flat surfaces of the cardboard or insert them into the corrugations in the sides. And you can write labels and notes on the cardboard, too.

label groups of fasteners in foam

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