Stuff We Love: Black and Decker Snake Wand

The snake wand may look a little gimmicky, but it stands up to the ultimate test – children.

Though the Black and Decker Snake Wand may look a little gimmicky, it’s actually a really useful product. The first thing you notice is the flexible head. Made up of interlocking plastic, we thought this might be a weak point. But boy were we wrong. Even under full water pressure, the head maintains whatever shape you put it in with no leaking.

This hose attachment features nine different spray settings and enough handle length to comfortable water hanging plants and other hard to reach vegetation. And if you’re a truck or SUV driver, the extra reach will help you spray down the top of your vehicle easily, as well as underneath without too much bending. We also found this attachment useful for filling buckets quickly – you’re far enough away to avoid any splash back.

Lastly, knowing how cool metal handles can get with water running through them, there’s a foam pad that keeps your hands from getting too cold.

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