Stuff We Love: Restore Coat Flex Paint

This unique paint brings new life to old leather and more

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Most of us wouldn’t think to paint a worn out old car seat or a leather purse, but this new Restore Coat paint allows you to do just that. Originally created with auto restoration in mind, this flexible, non-cracking, self-leveling paint product will restore or change colors on not only leather but vinyl, plastic, and other materials as well.

Easy Application

Restore Coat is a water-based interior/exterior paint that’s UV/water resistant and comes in a palette of nine colors. The manufacturer recommends that you use its Surface Prep solution to clean and degrease your surface before painting. Once this is done, the paint applies easily with a brush or roller, you can use a foam applicator sponge to even out brush or roller marks and any pooling encountered during application. Typically, 1-2 coats are needed depending on type of surface and the nature of the color change. Allow about 30-45 minutes between coats and then 24-48 hours for full initial cure. For maximum durability its recommended that you allow up to 30 days for complete cure. If you have any tears or holes that need repairing Restore Coat also makes a patching compound that you can apply before painting.

Amazing Results 

To try out this new paint product, we used a tired old designer purse that needed a new lease on life, the results were quite impressive!  Watch the video below to see for yourself and get a sense of how this easy this product is to work with.

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Bill Bergmann
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