Stuff We Love: Work Lights (VIDEO)

Take a look at these three great ways to bring light to any jobsite.

Stuff We Love: Work Lights

This week on Stuff We Love, Marty Dyck takes a look at three work lights that should brighten every pro’s day and enable them to work long into the night. The three lights include a stand-alone light that doubles as a charging port, a hands-free hat clip, and a pocket light that packs a punch. Watch the video above to find out what makes all of these work lights Stuff We Love.

About Marty Dyck

Marty is a professional woodworker and the owner of Good From Wood, a custom woodworking shop located in Stillwater, MN. Specializing in unique, vintage barn doors, custom skateboards and other innovative wood products, Marty hopes to always build the piece that everyone talks about.
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