The Sun Joe Pressure Washer Is An Amazon Favorite

This mighty green machine removes the toughest dirt, grime and mildew from various outdoor surfaces — and it's editor-approved. 

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sun joe Pressure Washer next to an example of pressure washing with itNicole Doster/Family Handyman

More time spent outside in warmer months means extra cleaning and maintenance to keep outdoor spaces in prime shape. Luckily, we found one of the best pressure washers to help you spruce up decks, concrete patios, outdoor structures, driveways, fencing and even lawn equipment.

The Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX 3000 will not only save you time cleaning outside this summer, it’s actually something you’ll look forward to using.  

What Is the Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX3000?

Sun Joe Pressure WasherNicole Doster/Family Handyman

A top-selling Amazon product in its category, the Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX 3000 is a powerful electric cleaner for decks, driveways, patios and even boats, RVs and cars.

Its 14.5-amp/1800-watt motor delivers a powerful spray to remove the toughest dirt and grime. Five interchangeable nozzle tips adapt to every type of surface you’re cleaning. Plus, its vibrant green color makes it fun to use and wheel around the yard.

Trusted Media Brands Executive Editor and Sun Joe Pressure Washer fan Nicole Doster attests to its ease of use: “While my partner has used pressure washers for years, this washer was my first! I had been intimidated by the bulky gas-powered pressure washers I had seen online, so the Sun Joe electric pressure washer was a welcome item in our home.”

Doster especially loves how the Sun Joe Pressure Washer rolls like a suitcase and stores all the attachments.

“It’s lightweight, so my arms don’t feel tired, even after few hours of cleaning,” Doster says. “And the spray tips were easy to change on the fly as I transitioned from high-pressure detail work to the low-pressure fan. I appreciate the safety trigger that prevents the machine from spraying when I take breaks.”

Product Features

  • Twenty-foot high pressure hose; 
  • Five spray nozzles and a garden hose adaptor; 
  • Two detergent tanks; 
  • One SPX spray lance; 
  • One SPX spray gun; 
  • Clean-out tool; 
  • Energy-saving automatic shut-off; 
  • Corded electric power source;  
  • 15.6- x 13.5- x 33.9-in (L x W x H); 
  • Weighs 31-lbs;
  • Maximum pressure: 2030 pounds per square inch (psi); 
  • Emits 1.76 gallons of water per minute. 

How To Use the Sun Joe Pressure Washer SPX 3000

Pressure Washing ExampleNicole Doster/Family Handyman

Doster and Amazon reviewers say the Sun Joe Pressure Washer is easy to assemble. The detergent tanks were already in place so all it took was snapping together a few pieces and fastening the screws.

“The pressure washer only took 10 minutes to set up and came with a simple instruction manual that came with guides for how and when to use the different spray tips,” Doster says. “I appreciated the safety tips as well, as pressure washers can be dangerous if not operated with care.”

If you prefer a pressure washer-safe patio and deck cleaner, fill the detergent tank on the back with your choice of cleaner. But Doster says a cleaning agent isn’t required for the Sun Joe Pressure Washer to work its magic.

“We honestly haven’t needed to use cleaner with this product yet as it does such a nice job without it,” she says. “I do appreciate that the machine comes with two easy-access detergent tanks and a soap spray nozzle when the time comes.”

Once assembled, hook up the Sun Joe Pressure Washer to water. It safely (and effectively) cleans lots of outdoor surfaces. Just aim, shoot and spray to remove dirt and grime.

“We started with our driveway. (It) was able to clean off years of neglected debris from concrete,” Doster says. “It removed dirt and weeds from hard-to-reach areas like cracks and edges. I could not believe the results. We’ve even cleaned our vinyl greenhouse, metal shed and our cars using the Sun Joe.”

“We also used it to clean the tile on our front patio. It was mesmerizing to see how effortlessly it cleaned our grout.”

The Best Amazon User Reviews

If you’re still not convinced, take it from some of the 30,000 Amazon reviewers who gave this product five stars.

“This thing is great but insanely addictive,” writes one verified Amazon purchaser. “Car wash at 4 a.m.? You bet. Hose out the garage and all the way down the driveway? Consider it done.”

Jan writes: “I bought a Sun Joe SPX3000 in November 2015 and I LOVE it. I use it year-round, even during our NE Ohio winters to wash my car. It’s a powerful little work horse. From 2015 until now (2022), I’ve had no major problems with it.” 

“Easy to assemble and works well,” writes another verified Amazon purchaser. “I’ve never owned a power washer before, but it’s powerful enough for the tasks I need it to complete (car washes, deck washing, BBQ cleaning, etc).

Rick attests to the Sun Joe Pressure Washer’s power. “I’ve had big gas pressure washers and like them, but you have to use them enough to keep them operational,” he writes. “I’ve had other electric pressure washers, but this one is the best. It runs well. So far, I use it monthly for two to five hours each.”  

“There’s no longer any paint on my house, the layers of dirt has been removed from every crack of concrete and the stubborn moss that engulfed my front steps is gone,” adds Doster. “It’s super easy to use; after the water and power are connected you just point and shoot. I also like the color coded nozzles and the fact that they have homes to clip into on the unit so they don’t get lost.”

Where to Buy

sun Joe pressure washervia merchant

If you’re ready to add this powerful pressure washer to your outdoor cleaning toolkit, head over to Amazon or The Home Depot. Prices range from $128 to $170. 

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