6 Surprising Facts About Bats

Get to know the misunderstood marvels that benefit your garden. Check out these fun facts about bats.

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Going Bat-ty

Get to know more about bats with these crazy-cool fun facts about bats!

1. The largest bat in the United States is the greater mastiff—its wings reach 2 feet across. The giant golden-crowned flying fox is the largest bat in the world. Found in the Philippines, its wingspan stretches 5-1/2 feet! Here’s how to prevent a bat problem.

2. Bats live long lives for their tiny size, about 20 years. A few even live to 40! Using their fantastic senses of direction, they may return to the same backyards and nesting places every year.

3. Almost 1,300 species of bats are found worldwide. The little brown bat is the most abundant in North America. They pick out different roosts for day, night and hibernation. If you have bats in your attic, here’s how to get rid of them.

4. Like bumblebees, bats benefit agriculture. They pollinate more than 300 varieties of fruit, including mangoes and bananas, as well as almond and cashew trees. And if you like tequila, thank bats. They help fertilize agave, tequila’s main ingredient. More than 500 plant species count on bats for pollination.

5. Most female bats have just one pup a year. This small family size makes it hard to maintain population levels and leaves bats very susceptible to dangers like disease, pesticides, habitat loss and deforestation.

6. If your outdoor gatherings are mosquito-free, give the credit to bats. Many eat more than 1,000 bugs in an hour, keeping yards and gardens safe from irksome pests. Here’s how to build a bat house for your backyard.

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