The House That Will Extend Your Life

Sounds crazy, but these designers thought this house could extend your life.

house that will extend your lifeReversible Destiny Foundation

A house that is designed to extend life sounds like a pretty good deal. The 3,400-square-foot Bioscleave is on the market for a little less than $2.5 million. Arakawa and Madeline Gins designed the home, which makes people use their bodies in unanticipated ways. They said it helps maintain equilibrium and stimulate their immune systems. They built the home for $2 million on Long Island and it’s unusual design is said to create a sense of wonder for people. (See how this home compares to the most expensive one in each state.) There are uneven floors, vibrant colors, windows at unexpected heights, all of which keep the senses more active.

Arakawa and Madeline Gins are Marcel Duchamp proteges and shared a philosophy called “Reversible Destiny,” which combined their thoughts on art and life. The Bioscleave House is a physical representation of that philosophy. They designed the home in 1999 with the intention that design could extend life. It’s a design of instability with few level surfaces. Both Arakawa and Gins have since died. Gins died in 2014 and Arakawa died in 2010.

The kitchen is said to have a concave floor and electric switches are in places people won’t expect—all in an attempt to keep the mind active. Make sure you never do any of these 10 things during a kitchen renovation.

Surprisingly, the four-bedroom, two-bath home meets building codes and each room comes with a set of directions. Find out the five most common building code violations and how to avoid them.

Photo: Via Reversible Destiny Foundation

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