The Most Excitingly Dull Channel on YouTube

Press on with watching sweet videos of things getting crushed.

Hopefully you don’t have anything pressing to do for the next few minutes because you’re not going to want to go anywhere.

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube might just be the most excitingly dull channel on the Internet. Like a great novel, play or film, the secret with the Hydraulic Press Channel is the anticipation. No one knows the precise result once enough pressure is applied to whatever object has been selected for crushing, but you oddly feel like cheering loudly and fist-pumping after a really big crushing event that has material flying around. Check out these 20 cool tool hacks that are impressive, too.

The YouTube channel’s videos routinely generate views in excess of 10 million and it has a cult-like following. New York Magazine, GQ, Time and ABC News have done features on the creator of the Hydraulic Press Channel, a Fin named Lauri Vuohensilta.

You can watch the hydraulic press try crush an amazing array of items like a $4,000 diamond or see candles pressed through small holes (surprisingly cool to watch). Vuohensilta has even made peanut butter with the hydraulic press and produced plenty of sweet explosions, like with this camera.

The initial crunch and pop is great but what really lures viewers in is the slow-motion replays and dramatic music, too.

There are about 200 videos to choose from on the channel, which even seeks to dispel old myths like you can’t fold paper more than seven times. (Caution there’s some foul language in the video.)

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