Year in Review: The 18 Most Popular Cleaning & Organizing Products of 2018

Some new and quirky, some tried-and-true, these were the cleaning and organizing products people went gaga over this year.

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Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser’s are great at getting into tiny cracks and crevices and nooks and crannies and all those hard to reach places like around the blade of a can opener. It’s one of several cleaning miracles to have around the house. Since this product is basically super fine sand paper, it can delve into those areas or clean built-up grime in a jiffy. But because it’s basically sandpaper, it can easily cut through finishes on wood surfaces and trim—so be mindful while you’re erasing!


Angry Mama Microwave Oven Cleaner

If this little lady looks steaming mad, that’s not such a bad thing for your microwave. This clever device will steam clean a microwave with a little, vinegar and lemon. Pick one up for $3.99 on Amazon. You can also try the microwave cleaning solution found among these 50 unusual cleaning ideas that work. 


O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Mopping is a tough chore but this microfiber mop gets to difficult places better than other mops because of its triangular head. This little tool is quite the cleaning secret and we’ve got others. We’ve got the secrets from cleaning pros that you’d love to know, too.


Furniture Repair Kit

It might not appear like a cleaning product but these furniture markers will clean up scuffs and scratches without a problem. You can use these tips for tougher furniture fixes.


Clorox Toilet Cleaner Tablets

Cleaning the toilet gets pretty easy with one of these tablets. You won’t have to reach for the toilet brush as frequently. If you’re interested in making toilet cleaning a breeze, check out something that’s the bomb.



We naturally love this idea. We’ve shown a similar device before so it’s kind of neat to see there’s something out there for everyone (minus the drill, of course.)


Bissel Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Removing pet stains isn’t always a pleasant task but Bissel’s Pet Stain & Odor remover makes it easier. These carpet cleaning tips for pet owners will also help with removing those stains, too. 


Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes

These are a best seller on Amazon because of the job they do on stainless steel appliances, which can become gross-looking with fingerprints all over. You can also try this crazy cleaning hack to get your stainless steel shining.


Microfiber Mop

We’ve praised microfiber cloths in the past and so it goes without saying that this microfiber mop is dynamite. It’s a best seller on Amazon and can make mopping a lot smoother.


Bounty Quick Size Family Pack

You probably go through more paper towels than you can count so why not get 16 rolls at once? The Quicker Picker Upper is known to take on tough messes and is an Amazon best seller.


Pulleys Ease the Pain

If you own a heavy bike, or lack the strength to lift it over your head, try a ceiling mounted pulley system and let physics ease the effort. This bike lift by Racor is easy to install and use.

The Container Store

Use the Buddy System

Keep pairs of socks with their mate, pajama sets or matched outfits together by using a small sock clip after laundry. This will help pairs stick together, even if they’re discarded on the ground.

Find a home for those orphaned socks so brilliant you won’t believe why you didn’t think of it.

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Check the Pockets

Slip an accessory pocket over the hanger of an outfit to match socks, underwear, barrettes, hats and more ahead of time. You can purchase accessory pockets at Amazon.

Similar to an accessory pocket, see why a shoe organizer is one of the best storage solutions around.

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Home It Mop and Broom Holder

Sometimes storing those mops and brooms can get messy in a closet so having an organizer like this does wonders. It gets those mops and brooms out of the way and easy to find. With your cleaning tools out of the way, check out these secret cleaning tips from the pros to make cleaning your home easier, too.


Silverware Tray

We’ve shown you different ways to use a silverware tray to organize things in your home so this best seller on Amazon would be a great addition.


Carhartt Tool Roll

This Carhartt tool roll is light weight and pretty versatile as an organization tool. It’s perfect for tools or like painting tools. Try out these 21 tool storage tricks to keep yours organized.


Organizer Cart

An organizer cart like this one is a perfect catch-all for clutter, plus it has wheels so it can feel like you’ve cleaned when you’ve really just moved the cart. See what a cart in the kitchen is one of 30 ways you can revolutionize your kitchen space.


Foldable Storage Cubes

Foldable Storage Cubes like these are super trendy and for good reason. They can provide excellent storage while blending into whatever room you place them, thus clearing some clutter. Get ready for the new year by resolving to clear the clutter with these tips.

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