The Real Reason Harbor Freight Will Not Partake in This Thanksgiving Tradition

Their reasoning behind it will warm your heart!

We all know that the sales on Black Friday are pretty much the best you’ll see all year. So it makes sense that multiple stores try to be the first ones open to get the business before anyone else. In previous years, this means that some stores have even opened up on Thanksgiving Day, meaning that families would have to eat earlier in order to get shopping. But some stores, like Harbor Freight, are taking a stand. These stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day this year.

Although Harbor Freight will be offering some incredible deals for Black Friday this year, Harbor Freight has been adamant about keeping the stores closed on Thanksgiving Day. It’s been a longstanding tradition for the store to stay closed and for good reason.

“Our stores will be closed on both Thanksgiving and Christmas so that associates can spend the holidays with their friends and family,” said a Harbor Freight spokesperson to Family Handyman. “We also don’t open until 7 a.m. the day after so there’s no midnight madness or early morning openings that could interrupt their Thanksgiving or Christmas evening.”

Isn’t that sweet? Not only is Harbor Freight a haven for DIYers to buy supplies to make a perfect home, but it’s also a place that values what’s inside the home.

So if you’re a Harbor Freight fan who’s looking forward to those Black Friday deals, you can rest easy and enjoy time with your family during Thanksgiving Day. Harbor Freight understands how important that is, and they’ll be ready for you at a reasonable hour that Black Friday morning!

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