The ‘Secret’ Numbers For Cutting Crown Flat

Here is an easier, more precise method you can use to cut crown molding while it's flat on a miter saw.

A piece of crown molding laid flat on a miter saw | Construction Pro Tips

Cutting molding on a miter saw can be tricky business. Most techniques for cutting crown molding involve awkwardly holding the crown against the fence of the saw while making the cut. With this method the crown can be laid flat on the saw, which makes the whole process a little easier and a lot more precise.

Note: This method is for cutting crown molding to fit a 90-degree corner.

What is Crown Molding?

Crown molding, unlike other types of moldings that can be any trim in a building, runs along the area where the wall and ceiling meet, hiding the seam. It can be made out of wood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), metal and many other types of materials. There are also many different pattern options, ranging from bold to more conservative.

Steps for Cutting Crown Molding

Step One: Set the miter angle to 31.6 degrees. On most saws, “31.6” is specially marked.

Step Two: Set the bevel to 33.9 degrees. Once again, this adjustment will have a special marking on most saws.

Step Three: Lay the crown flat and cut. Now there’s no need to precariously hold crown at an angle right next to an incredibly dangerous saw blade!

Step Four: Reverse the settings and repeat.