This Is The Best Small Trash Can Ever—And It’s Only $10

This Is The Best Small Trash Can Ever


Have you ever heard someone say, “My kitchen is way too big”? Even people with ample space often complain. If your kitchen actually is small, you know how hard it can be to find a good place for the garbage can. That’s where this inexpensive, space-saving problem solver comes in.

Make taking out the trash and replacing the bag a much easier process by simply drilling a few holes in your trash can.

If you have a smaller kitchen, there’s really no need for a big trash can. By the time you fill it up, it’s probably really stinky and taking out the trash more often reduces the chance it’ll attract flies and other bugs. Check this out: YouCopia’s stainless steel over-the-door trash bag holder attaches to your cabinet to free up space without sacrificing your need to toss things out conveniently.

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This device fits over standard 3/4-inch-thck cabinet doors, and measures 6-3/4 inches deep x 9 inches wide x 1-7/8 inches high. There’s no mounting or installation required, and the non-slip padding fits securely and protects the cabinet’s finish.

Secure that trash can on windy days and eliminate lost lids.

Plus, this holder can be a cook’s or cleaner’s best friend, as it’s extremely easy to move around. Quickly take it from the inside of your cabinet door and slide it over a pullout kitchen drawer to throw away remnants of your vegetable chopping. There’s really nothing easier than these over-the-door devices, since all you do is place, hang and use!

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And let’s not forget another incredibly valuable component: it’s only $10!

Amazon reviewers are going nuts over it. “It’s wonderful not to have to make several small trips to the closet with the kitchen trash. The over the door holder is perfect when I’m cooking. It goes where I go. It’s not flimsy either. It’s strong stainless steel,” one person said.

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