This is the One Gift Every DIYer Wants Under the Tree This Year

Get started on shopping and find the perfect gift for the DIYer in your family.

Safety should always come first with any DIY project. From taking precautions with sharp tools to using masks, safety glasses and hearing protection, safety gear is just as important as the tools you use to get the job done.

These DIY safety tips will help you stay safe on any project.

We all know this is true, but is safety gear really a good gift? It is when it incorporates a way to listen to your favorite music or podcast while you’re working! This season, you can give a safety gear gift any DIYer will appreciate—the WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth technology from 3M.

About 48 million Americans have significant hearing loss, according to the Center for Hearing and Communication, and noise is one of the leading causes.

These headphones reduce noise by 24 decibels. And because they have a cord- and antenna-free design, they allow the user to move around easily, without constraints.

This is the safety gear every DIYer should own.

These headphones allow the user to stream music and other entertainment such as podcasts and radio shows from their phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. The high-fidelity speakers provide premium sound quality.

And when a call comes in, the headphones have an integrated microphone that lets you make and take phone calls without removing your hearing protection.

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“This unit was perfect for my requirements. I do a lot of gardening and wanted something to protect my ears from the noise of motorized garden equipment and listen to talk back radio,” said one reviewer on Amazon.

“The battery life is where this unit really shines. I work 12-hour shifts, and one charge will last me weeks. I don’t run them non-stop, but I rarely turn them off manually, so it seems to be very good at conserving power and seems to hold literal days worth of actually playtime power,” noted another reviewer.

Here are 50 awesome gift ideas for DIYers that all cost less than $50.

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