This Trio of Tools Will Save Your Sanity

These tools will come in handy over and over again.

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Retractable Ratchet Straps

quickloader retractable ratchet strapsvia

The endless headache over your tangled ratchet straps may have finally come to an end with Quickloader straps. With standard straps, there’s no easy way to store excess strapping—you could spend five minutes apiece rolling them up to store in your vehicle, only to have them unwind. Instead, the Quickloader straps use a spring-loaded mechanism to keep the straps coiled. Like the blade in a tape measure, the straps are under tension and able to retract into the case. A 15-ft. strap rated for 4,500 lbs. costs about $47 on Amazon.

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Deck Fastening Made Easy


This new deck fastening system features a drive attachment you can use with a drill you already own, while standing. The Camo Drive drill attachment uses collated strip screws that automatically advance so you’re ready for the next screw right away. The tool comes with three fastening guides to fasten deck boards in three different ways: For solid wood decking, the edge guide hides fasteners on the edge of the board. The face guide fastens decking through the face of the board, and the clip guide is used with its EdgeClip to lay grooved composite decking.

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More Powerful Pliers

compound motion pliers

If you’ve struggled to get a grip on short wires or to pull cable through an electrical box, compound-motion pliers may provide the extra gripping power you’re looking for. A few brands make them, but I’ve had the DeWalt long nose pliers in my belt for the recent electrical work I’ve been doing. You can find compound-motion pliers at home centers and online. This DeWalt long nose costs $15. It’s also available in a set (less than $40) that includes side cutters and lineman’s pliers.

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