Will You Try this Viral Tik Tok Pillowcase Hack?

Find out if this simple method for dusting your ceiling fan really works.

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Dusting is never fun, but there are a few dusting jobs that are super time-consuming and frustrating.

We’re talking about fuzzy blinds, sticky dust on top of kitchen cabinets, and probably the worst of them all — a dusty ceiling fan. Not only do you have to haul out the ladder to reach the fan, but inevitably all the dust gently falls to the ground as you start to clean.

The solution? It’s easier than you think. This TikTok hack using a simple household item will change how you clean your fans forever!


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How It Works

Gently slip a clean pillowcase over the dusty ceiling fan blade. (Be sure the pillowcase covers the whole blade. You might need a king-size.) Then grip both sides of the pillowcase near the base and slowly pull outward. Repeat for each blade.

Unlike a cleaning cloth or duster, a pillowcase traps the dust inside as you wipe each blade. No falling dust!

When you’re finished wiping, the thick layer of dust will be gone. But you might have some residue remaining. In that case, wipe the blades again with your favorite cleaner (I like Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner) and a damp microfiber cloth.


This hack is a game changer! It’s one of those simple tricks that works so well, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

I live in a hot, dry climate with lots of dust, and the buildup on my ceiling fans can be embarrassingly bad. I’ve tried a lot of differently solutions including extension pole dusters, which are difficult to maneuver but easier than climbing a ladder, and microfiber cloths, since microfiber traps dust better than other fabrics.

But this is the only method that has truly handled falling dust — vital if you’re dealing with a thick layer of dust (like me!).

Potential Problems

The only issue with this hack? When you’re done, you’re left holding a pillowcase full of dust. Not exactly ideal. But I simply went outside and gave the pillowcase a good shake. That got rid of most of it. Then I turned the pillowcase inside out and washed it in a standard laundry cycle.

Another option is this FanBladeCleaner. It’s essentially the same shape as a pillowcase, but it’s made of microfiber, which might be more effective at wiping the dust away than an ordinary pillowcase. However, the pillowcase trick works. Because we’re willing to bet you already have a few in your linen closet — it’s free!

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