5 Times Celebrities Were Not Good Neighbors

Your complaints about your neighbors pale in comparison.

So, you think you have bad neighbors? Ever wonder what it’s like living next door to a celebrity? Here are five times celebrities weren’t the best neighbors.

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Justin Bieber

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was called in to investigate after singer Justin Bieber allegedly threw eggs at his neighbor’s home, according to eonline.com. The neighbor claimed he was “terrorized” and suffered emotional distress. Bieber and the neighbor eventually came to a settlement, according to the Daily Mail.

Billy Corgan

Grey’s Anatomy star, Eric Dane, sued Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan over a tree that fell on Dane’s property, according to ABC News. Dane said Corgan ignored warnings about the instability of the trees on his property. One of those trees crashed through Dane’s roof. The two later settled the dispute.

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Mario Batali

Celebrity chef Mario Batali was sued by a man who lived next to his New York City restaurant. The neighbor said Batali didn’t soundproof his restaurant like he promised he would. The neighbor also said the smell of garlic from the restaurant was overwhelming. According to the New York Post, a judge sided with Batali.

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Dr. Oz

A neighbor took Dr. Oz to court because Oz planted three trees that blocked his neighbor’s view of the Manhattan skyline and Hudson River, according to the Daily Voice. The neighbor claimed that the trees lowered the value of his home. The court ruled that Oz could keep the trees.

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Robert Downey Jr.

Imagine waking up and finding Iron Man sleeping in your guest room. That’s what happened to one Malibu resident when he found Robert Downey Jr. sleeping in his home. According to the Los Angeles Times, Downey made faces at the neighbor’s daughter as police led him away in handcuffs. Full disclosure, this happened in 1996 when Downey was 31—long before he became Iron Man.

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