4 Types of Feeders Hummingbirds Love

There’s no limit when it comes to serving up sugar water, so pick the perfect option for your backyard hummingbirds.

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Horizontal Bar

Multiple ports on a bar feeder can mean many hummingbirds at once, which is always a treat. But cross your fingers that these territorial birds make friends instead of foes. Prevent any power trips by setting up several feeders. Get this style of hummingbird feeder on Amazon now.

Hummingbirds also love this type of birdbath.

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Flying saucer-shaped feeders are backyard favorites for a reason. They’re super easy to clean and refill, and the sugar water is usually far enough below the feeding ports that pesky bugs can’t dive in for a sweet snack. A built-in ant moat provides additional protection. Buy this one on Amazon here.

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Classic Plastic

Hummingbird newbies can’t go wrong when you use a standard sugar-water feeder. There’s nothing fancy about this backyard staple, but the plastic is easy to clean and the bright red color is extra-attractive to hummingbirds. Plus, many of these classics come with a built-in ant moat, which prevents hungry pests from crawling inside to sample the sweet stuff. Get a hummingbird feeder like this on Amazon today.

You can also attract hummingbirds with flowers. Here are some top picks.

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Artsy Glass

If you already have a robust and hungry hummingbird population in your yard, try a feeder with a bit more air. Chic and stylish glass feeders, like this one, may be a challenge to clean and there’s no perch for the birds to linger. However, it’s a fun way to see how hummingbirds hover. Buy this feeder right now.

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