Walmart Will Install Outdoor Christmas Lights AND Deliver Your Christmas Tree

This year, Walmart is decking the halls for you.

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means: all the holiday lights and present shopping you can handle. Of course, it’s not the holiday season without decorations. If you’re in desperate need of a Christmas tree this year, Walmart has your back. But did you know they can install your outdoor Christmas lights for you, too?

You read that right! Walmart is doing the holidays a little differently this year with Christmas light installation and Christmas tree delivery. Kick back with a holiday special and let Walmart deck the halls instead.

What Exactly Will Walmart Offer?

Don’t worry; a Walmart associate won’t be coming down your chimney. Instead, they’ll arrive at your door with a live Christmas tree, an armful of lights and your choice of any other holiday plants you might like on the porch this year. Need a pretty poinsettia? Walmart will deliver that to you, too.

While the offer doesn’t include Walmart’s artificial trees, you can choose between a fresh-cut tree and a potted tree ranging anywhere from three feet to nine feet tall.

How to Place an Order

Taking advantage of Walmart’s holiday generosity is simple. Head to, find the live Christmas tree, holiday plant or outdoor lights that speak the spirit of Christmas to you, click and order. Easy!

If you’d like Walmart to tackle light installation, add the Christmas Lights Installation Service to your cart. A one-story home installation will cost you around $130, while a two-story home runs closer to $200. It sounds steep, but we think it’s a sweet deal considering the elbow grease you’ll save.

Christmas Light Hanging Services

The Christmas light hanging services actually come from a partnership between Walmart and Handy, a home services company. You sign up for installation, and Handy reaches out to you via email to confirm an appointment. Then it’s time to kick back and let the professionals do the decorating for you.

No matter how you choose to decorate this year, this is Walmart’s way of saying “Happy Holidays!”

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