Can a warranty win you the job?

Do you offer warranties? Your competitors do. Find out how many contractors are offering warranties, what they cover, and how long they last.

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Who offers warranties?

Do you offer warranties to your customers? If your company provides high-quality work and delivers solid value then there’s no reason not to. It’s likely that most of your competitors are offering warranties. Over 90% of exterior companies offer some kind of warranty, which is the highest amongst the trades. Over 67% of landscapers offer a warranty, which is still a majority despite being the lowest rate in the construction industry. A fair warranty, offered in good faith, can help distinguish your company from the pack. But don’t play games; a confusing or misleading warranty will also set you apart, just not in a positive way.

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What goes into a warranty?

Materials should be covered by the manufacturer, but some manufacturers have a better reputation when it comes to standing behind their promises. Look for online reviews or ask around to fellow contractors before choosing which building materials to install. And ALWAYS follow the manufacturers recommended installation instructions! If you don’t, you’ll void and then lose your warranty, even if the product is defective.

Keep in mind that over 97% of exterior product manufacturers offer a warranty longer than two years. On the other hand, less than 30% of landscaping products are sold with a warranty of two years or more.

Also, the length of “quality of work” warranties varies from one trade to another. Exterior companies cover their craftsmanship for an average of 7.4 years. The average warranty offered by painting contractors is three years.

Can a warranty win you the job?

The answer is yes! If your warranty is better than these averages, make sure that potential customer knows it. It could give you that extra little advantage to win the job.

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