What is Mocking? Here’s the Hammock Trend You Need to Join

Join the most relaxed crew out there this National Hammock Day.


Relaxation is something people need in a world of mile-long to-do lists, and yet we never seem to make it a priority. But, there’s one group of people who are doing it right.

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Drive past a shady clump of trees within a park, saunter through a campground, or find a beachfront lined with palms, and you might come across some “mocking.”

What is mocking?

Hammocks are a thing right now. This is not a hammock hanging on a metal stand in your backyard for a lazy Sunday afternoon nap type of thing, but an actual trend with mostly teens and twenty-somethings—they buy a hammock and take it on the go.

Mocking enthusiasts are spending their afternoons setting up and chilling in a hammock with no plans at all but to enjoy the pure relaxation while suspended effortlessly in a sling of fabric, rope or netting. It’s a social affair that gets a community together to explore new terrain and hook up their hammocks for a few hours.

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You may be thinking, it’s just as easy to whip out a lawn chair and read a book next to your friend in your yard. The difference is, mockers get excited about exploring a park, beach or nature reserve they’ve never been to before? Mocking makes for a bit of adventure and people are making an afternoon of being outdoors together, relaxing and hanging out (literally).

July 22 is National Hammock Day, so don’t be surprised if you see mockers hanging around in the trees!

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