Why You Should Start Painting Your Ceilings with Color

Why you should paint ceilings a color

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Color isn’t just for walls. Next time you’re ready to transform a room, don’t overlook the ceiling. Skip traditional “ceiling white” paint and reach for some color instead.

“Painting your ceiling and walls the same color works best in rooms with flat ceilings as opposed to those with a scalloped texture,” according to Sharper Impressions Painting, a company that specializes in both residential and commercial painting.

If you’re ready to give your space a new look, here are four reasons to give ceiling color a try.

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Make the Room Feel More Intimate or Larger

If you have a large room, a darker paint color on the walls and ceiling will help the room feel more intimate. The darker color gives the illusion that the ceiling is lower, which can make for a cozier feel for otherwise cool-feeling spaces.

If you paint the ceiling a lighter color, it can help make a smaller room feel larger and more open and bright.

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Get a Sophisticated Look

To get a more sophisticated look in a room, use the same paint color on the walls and the ceiling. Then use white paint on the trim to break it up and give it contrast.

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Blend with Neutrals

If you have a kitchen or bathroom with white fixtures, add color to the walls and the ceiling to help make the room more interesting. A bold color, such as bright green, will help offset the all-white elements and give the space new energy.

Show Off a Detailed Ceiling

For ceilings with details, such as those with exposed beams or shiplap, use a color to draw attention upward. Use a bright hue to highlight the details of the ceiling. This tactic works well with white walls, as it creates an unexpected contrast.

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